AST 950N 11.8 Active XFree support?

AST 950N 11.8 Active XFree support?

Post by Robert Nicholso » Tue, 08 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Hi, I was thinking of ordering RedHat 4.0 this week.

Does XFree 3.1.2 support the Cirrus GL 5743 chipset in the Ascentia 950N?

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GNU tar-1.11.8 does not compile out of the box on solaris2.5. It
breaks down on dcgettext.c (various error messages) in the intl
dir. Before I put myself in debugging mode, is there anybody who
managed to make tar work on sol2.5.1? Could he or she give a
workaround to overcome the compiltion error?


Ludo Vangilbergen

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