Terminal character mapping

Terminal character mapping

Post by C. Abn » Sun, 09 Aug 1998 04:00:00

> I have an application that uses the ISO8859 character set. Now I need to run
> it on a dumb terminal, like the Wyse60 in native emulation. The Wyse uses
> CP850, so, how can I map the characters correctly? Under SCO/Unix there is a
> function called mapchan, that performs the filtering to/from the terminal;
> does anything similar exist for Linux? I'm using Linux verion 2.0.33
> (SlackWare).

Slackware has a 'setfont' that might suit your needs, but I don't know
how well it will do on a dumb terminal (no experience there).

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Hello, everyone

is there someone who can tell me how i can write a simple program
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