Help Needed with "Linuxconf" & Xwindows"

Help Needed with "Linuxconf" & Xwindows"

Post by Snoopy :-) » Thu, 09 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I am a Newbie, using RH-5.2.
Recently I Installed the Xfree updates from Redhat. After the updates
several things going hay-wire in Xwindows.

1. I couldn't open up "linuxconf" in the "Control_Panell" or in Xterm.
    So finally I reinstalled  linuxconf from the Cdrom.  After which,
    I can open it up in the Contro-Panel, but I can't use any of
     the Configuration Menues with the exception of One.
The only Menu I can Open is
        "Config/Networking/Misc/Information about other hosts"

     In the /etc/host screen the localhost (I think) sholuld be
        "localhost localhost.localdomain"
        But there are some weird numbers instead and I can't
        modify or activate any changes.  When finally I press "Quit"
        A screen shows up for things to be done.
    The message as follows:
        "executing: /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S50inet restart"
        and sometimes a 2nd. message also:
        "executing: /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S85httpd start"

    I've loked these files but can't find anything wrong with them, also I
   have been reading my 3-books but I can't figure out what to do.

2a. During the boot-up I've noticed a line relating to "hostname"
        which I am not sure if it's ok or not ?? the following is the line;
            " hostname: localhost.localdomaiddump"
          should this not be
                "localdomaindump" instead of "localdomaiddump"?

    2b.  I've also noticed. after logging in (as root) when I type "startx"
                and pressing<enter>;   for a split second I can see
                the following  message;
                            "hostname: hostname lookup failure"

3.  Finally  downloaded the latest version from the Linuxconf Website.
      But I can't open it up at all in the Control-Panel.  When I try to
    open it in Xterm the error message comes:
        "error: fragmantation fault, core dumped"

        When Xwindows open up.  I seem to be able to use every application,.
Except  "Linuxconf" and "usernet" to connect to the Web.
The problem seem to indicate something relating to "Hostname" but
I can't figure out how things got corupted and what to do. I hope some one
will help.
Thanks in advance.
Best regards;
Snoopy :-((