Dancing Samba with a Rogue

Dancing Samba with a Rogue

Post by Max » Sat, 18 Apr 1998 04:00:00

: ->> I'm told that Linux cannot reliably mount SMB filesystems from windows
: ->> NT 4.0 machines.  Specifically, it *s up the timestamps of the
: ->> files on the machines and is thus worthless.
: You, my little troll, are living under a rock; this has both been
: discussed and fixed.  Furthermore, this has _nothing_ to do with
: Linux.  Samba runs just fine on DOZENS of platforms, some of which are
: not even unix.
One of the interesting things about the Microsoft Strategic Deception
Initiative is that MS employees have been instructed to spread FUD
in all media - including Usenet news groups, especially those supporting
competitors, but make it appear that it is not coming from MS.

I knew about this MS compile bug (which is a bug of the compiler tools
and NT) and its solution some time ago. It's in the documentation
of the latest Samba release. (Interesting how even in SMB MS claims it
is a published standard, then adds its own broken interface components
and refuses to document them so that the "standard" is none at all and
hopefully won't work for non MS products, whether apps or OS.)

For how MS is driven not by providing the best solutions for its
customers, but by its incredible greed for an absolute monopoly
over all computing, check out *http://www.veryComputer.com/.* There's
a neat link to an article about how the best NT server is not from
Microsoft at all.


1. My question has still not been answered.Dance..Dance...Dance...

So again for the 3rd time, prove me wrong and show me specifically how
much easier it is to set up:

1. Internet connection sharing.
2. Printer/scanner sharing with Linux/Windows mixed system.
3. Firewall (software based).

Again under Win98SE:

1. Internet connection sharing:
        Try help "how do I share my internet connection?" duhhhhhh

2. Printer Sharing:
        Click on Printers/Share  Duhhhh again.

3. Firewall:
        Try Zonealarm which has been written up in just about every
magazine and trade rag. No configuration necessary. It blocks your
ports and informs you with a popup everytime something is trying to
gain access to your system. You have the option of giving access or
not. No need to type in all kinds of ip addresses although you can do
that if you wish also.

So how does one go about doing this easily under Linux?

It's very easy to do under Windows. Not one file to edit.

So how about a direct rebuttal to prove me wrong instead of all of the
lame attempts at deflecting a direct question.

Is answering a direct question too difficult for the Linux people?

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