ppp for dialin problem

ppp for dialin problem

Post by Michael Eva » Mon, 25 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hoepfully some kind linux guru can assist with this problem I have..

I have slip connections dialing in with no problems
PPP on the other hand can access my box and local web pages but can't
get out into the internet from there.

I have tried every damn thing I can think of, even read the man pages
[grin] and still have not come up with a solution.

I would be grateful for any assistance that anyone can offer

get into the newsgroups any where near as often as I need to.

Thanks in advance

Michael Evans


1. MST PPP for SCO Dialin PPP Server and Windows 95

Hi Friends,

I dialin to the MST PPP for SCO Dailin PPP Server from the Windows 95, I
saw the following problem.

1. Windows 95 can dialin, can give login name and password.

2. Windows 95 can see PPP negotiation characters. And then press F7.

3. "Verifying User Name and Password" appears on the Windows 95 screen and
cutoff the telephone line.

I analysing the log files so many days. I found the following.

1. The MST PPP for SCO dialin PPP server and Windows 95 negotiated the call
back negotiation.

2. I think, the callback on and the MST PPP is cutoff the line for callback
from MST PPP for SCO.

I looking for the MST PPP for SCO user guide and SCO web site, I did not
see the callback disable for the MST PPP for SCO PPP dialin server side.

If someone know, how to disable the callback negotiation function in MST
PPP for SCO, please e-mail to help me. I have very big problem in MST PPP
dial in PPP server and windows 95.

Please !! Help me .......

Aung Myint Oo
Perfect Innovation (S) Pte Ltd

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