Using NEC-271 Quad-speed CD hangs system...

Using NEC-271 Quad-speed CD hangs system...

Post by JMILL » Tue, 27 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I've managed to get Linux V1.2.13 to see my quad-speed NEC-271 (ATAPI)
CDROM, since I moved it to the second IDE controller (from the Soundblaster
IDE port).  CD mounts perfectly during boot-up process.

However, after reading/copying from the CD for a while under Linux (varies
from 2-10 minutes) all activity comes to a complete standstill. The entire
system hangs. The only "recovery" is to flip the power!  

First IDE has 2 Seagate drives connected (1.6Gb & 2Gb) - no problems!
CD works fine under Win95 & OS/2, so I don't suspect any h/w issues.

Any thoughts?



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I have a NEC CDR-271 quad speed CDROM with an IDE interface. Does a driver
exist to support this? I have tried to mount the NEC CDR-260 driver, but
this seems to have problems.

        mount /dev/nec260 /cdrom

        long message with three possibilities telling me it can't mount
        the CD.

Any help would be appreciated.


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