Plug-and-Play Linux install from CDU33A

Plug-and-Play Linux install from CDU33A

Post by Alec Le » Sun, 31 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I've got the fall '95 edition of Plug-and-Play and I can't get it to
recognize my cd.  I boot with the cdu31a=0x340 option and when it gets
to cd detection it says "Port 340 already in use" or something to that
effect.  Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance.



1. Problem installing Plug-and-Play Linux

    I'm having a problem with Linux that I wonder if anyone else has come up
with. I'm trying to install the Fall 1994 Yggdrasil plug-and-play Linux.
I can get as far as the message:
   "RAMDISK: 1049600 bytes starting at 0x25c4c0"
Then get:
   Unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at virtual address

I've tried almost everything! My CD player is an SB16/CR563 CDROM, so I
took the CD to my brother-in-law, who has the same player. It works just fine.
I had a relatively old motherboard (1991) so I swapped motherboards (!?)
for a newer one, still no luck. I've unplagged EVERY board except for the
floppy disk controller and SB16/CDROM.
   Some other configuration items:
        tried the disk type 47 RAM area set to DOS1K
        486-33 with AMIBIOS. AMI bios 1991 or 1993 (newer motherboard)
        runlinux from  the CD under DOS didn't work
        running from  the CD under DOS say
           BOOTLINUX loaded too high
        I've checked ALL my IRQs and hardware addresses - no conflicts.

        THANKS (if you  have any suggestions)

Bob Beauchemin

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