PPP doesn't work anymore

PPP doesn't work anymore

Post by Dr A Medina S » Wed, 07 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I used to connect to Internet using Red Hat Linux 5.2 without any
problem. Now suddendly, my ppp connection doesn't work. If I use
Xdialppp, it dials, connects, and instead "serial connection
established", I get "ppp finisihed".
If I use X-ISP, it dials, gets throu the password chat, and then
freezes. I must kill it.
If I follow ISP-HOWTO, when I start connect, I came back to login:
prompt. If I try this on Xterm, the window closes.
How can I regain power over ppp?. What could I have done?. I'm writing
this on the same machine using Windows.

1. PPP doesn't die, it just doesn't work anymore

I have a communications server that's been giving us fits for a few
months now.  I can't seem to locate the problem.  I've been searching
DejaNews for analogous problem, but it looks like it's either something
I'm doing wrong, or I can't find it from the keywords I'm using.

    The machine will call the ISP on startup and work just fine, using a
static IP, BTW.  After a few hours it simply gets 'clogged' and won't
ping in either direction anymore.  The machine is pinging a couple of
times a minute in order to defeat the idelout on the terminal server,
but despite the inability to ping, it still doesn't hang up.  This
usually happens after several hours of no non-ping activity, like

    So we have a site that won't communicate and won't hang up either.
It's running 4.2 (for now) but in desperation, I intend to 'flush and
fill' 5.0 on it this weekend, though I'd rather not.

    It's too old a pppd to support "nomagic" and similar options...is
there anything that anyone has seen like this so far?


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