Database Reporting Tool e.g. Crystal Report

Database Reporting Tool e.g. Crystal Report

Post by Simo » Mon, 02 Jun 2003 14:12:41


I have been using Crystal Reports for many years. Is there a tool that
similar to Crystal Report that I can use in Linux, to access MSSQL 2000 &
MS Access (all version) database?



1. Report Designer (e.g. Crystal Reports for Linux).

I'm looking for a way to generate quick, easy, business class reports
under Linux.  We have a legacy application writtin in Visual Basic
(Yuk! I know), and it uses Crystal Reports for all of it's reports.  I
know we could just generate "standard output" type reports, but I'm
really looking for a tool that will allow us to output good quality
reports, like Crystal Reports.

I don't really need a design tool, just a way to output nice looking

I've considered LaTex, but it is just too complicated for our task, and
there appears to be no templates for "Business" style reports.

I've also looked at a2ps, but it appears to have style sheets geered
toward program source code, again, not "Business" reports with lots of
columns of data, a few graphs, coupled with custom "letter head"
graphics and such.

I would really like some simple API with calls needed to draw out simple
and complicated reports.

One of the reports we will generate is quite complicated, in fact,
Crystal Reports could not handle it.  It is called a Medication
Administration Report (MAR for short).  In institutions such as Nursing
Homes and Prisons, Nurses and Doctors must have a paper record of
medications administered to the patient.  The report looks like a large
spreadsheet with boxes containing the admin status of each day, for each
pill that the patient has to take.

Any ideas would be great.  I would love to hear about what you use in
your business apps for reporting needs.


Jeff Gavin

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