Dosemu Mouse Problem

Dosemu Mouse Problem

Post by Mike Brow » Wed, 17 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I have been setting up dosemu on my system and am having a problem
getting the mouse to act properly.  The center button seems to dump
whatever is in the cut&paste buffer into DOS's keyboard input.  This
creates a byte-explosion because the DOS program isn't expecting all
these characters (and either was I).  I have programs that use the
center button so whatever is happening disables them.  I have gone thru
every bit of documentation I can find and search the user net for an
answer but so far no luck.  I have tried to disable dosemu's internal
mouse driver but nothing I do changes anything (did this by setting the
mouse items in dosemu.conf to "").  Tried several DOS (microsoft and
logitech) mouse drivers but they always report that another driver
already exists in memory and bail.  Other than the center button out
of control the mouse generally works OK in dosemu.  This problem occures
both in 'X' and the console.  The one difference is that when I tried to
disable the mouse it did in console mode but I still couldn't load any
DOS mouse drivers.  I am running the following versions:

        Red Hat 5.2
        Kernel  2.0.36
        dosemu  0.98.5-1
        KDE     1.1-3
        MS-DOS  6.20

Thanks in advance for any help you may send my way.

Mike Brown


Dosemu Mouse Problem

Post by Reinhard Karch » Tue, 23 Mar 1999 04:00:00

>I am running the following versions:
>        Red Hat 5.2
>        Kernel  2.0.36
>        dosemu  0.98.5-1
>        KDE     1.1-3
>        MS-DOS  6.20

Hi Mike,
could you post your dosemu.conf and .dosemurc (if used).



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I've got a lab of computer running Linux and DOSEMU.  I can't get the mouse
to work at all either in DOS or XDOS emulators.  In xdos, no matter what
I do, if I run an application like Qbasic or Edit or Turbo Pascal, the
pointer changes and looks different, but if I use the mouse (moving or
clicking), strange things happen.  IF I move it, strange ascii characters
come up.  If I click, xdos dies shortly after with no error message, as though
it was receiving a legitimate kill signal.  I've got a genuine Microsoft mouse
on all the computer and  dexxa mouse on one.  They're on com1.  Now, if
I do it in DOSemu (not X), then the mouse still doesnt work.  If I set the line
serial { mouse com1 device /dev/cua0} or whatever it's supposed to look like
then MSD (Microsoft Diagnostics) can't detect any com ports.  No mouse driver
loads and I can't use it.  If I take out the keyword mouse, then the com
ports are detected, but they have a 0 baud rate and I can't change it.  Again,
the mouse driver doesn't work.  I've tried various options of the keywords
like microsoft and so forth to no avail.  Can someone out there help me?


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