ANNOUNCE: xldlas v0.30 is now available

ANNOUNCE: xldlas v0.30 is now available

Post by Thor Sigvaldas » Fri, 25 Oct 1996 04:00:00

Announcing xldlas v0.30

        I have recently placed version 0.30 of xldlas
        in sunsite's incoming directory:

        I expect it to be moved to:


What's New

        * One Way and Two Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).
          Try it out under the Analysis menu. See help
          Analysis --> ANOVA and the fourth tutorial.
          (suggested by "Richard B. Kreckel"

        * Scatter Plots.
          Just double-click on a highlighted variable's name
          in the Y-Variable browser (in the plotting window)
          and set the line type to 0.

        * Regression output now includes probability values.
          The F-Test of the regression and the t-tests for
          coefficient estimates are now included, so you
          can see their significance without having to look
          up any values in distribution tables.

        * Changed object gravity in most windows so that resizing
          works sensibly.
          (thanks to "Richard B. Kreckel"

        * Log and TeXLog now activated even if you don't hit
          return in the file name requestor.

        * Temporary files are much improved and are actually
          removed when xldlas is finished with them.
          (thanks to "Richard B. Kreckel"

        * External declaration of **environ variable, which
          is apparently useful for compiling under Solaris (and
          should have been there for Linux in any case).

        * Generate operations on (current) now work. That is
          you can +,-.*,/ (current) and the data actually

What is it?

        It's for doing statistics.

Anybody Got Web Space?

        I'd really like to give xldlas a home page with information, screen
        shots, links to xforms etc. I'm happy to write all the relevant html
        documents, but my ISP has such a limited hit level that I just can't
        afford to provide the web space myself. If you have zero cost (to
        you) www space and would like to host the xldlas home page, then


        * Based on the xforms library (ie. looks pretty slick)

        * Point and click interface to statistical summaries, OLS
          regression, plotting, correlation analysis, etc.

        * Experimental curve fitting routine that uses genetic algorithms
          with some nice visual feedback.

        * Very handy automatic generating of .tex format log files,
          including tables and plots.

        * Online help

Where'd the Name come from

        xldlas was inspired by a non-X statistics program called ldlas,
        which stood for ldlas, damned lies, and statistics. So, I guess
        xldlas stands for x ldlas, damned lies, and statisitics.


        The author (Thor Sigvaldason) is happy to receive feedback


Title:          xldlas          
Version:        0.30
Entered-date:   October 22, 1996  
Description:    An xforms based statistical application with graphing,  
                regression analysis, curve fitting using genetic
                algorithms, and some other useful stuff.
Keywords:       statistics, plots, regression, genetic algorithms
                correlation, anova, math

Platform:       Standard Linux (whatever that means)
Copying-policy: GPL