Any luck or news with AMD 760 chipset

Any luck or news with AMD 760 chipset

Post by never-say-ne.. » Wed, 04 Apr 2001 16:15:29

Anyone able to get the new AMD 760 chipset boards to work yet?

1. AMD 760 chipset and Linux

I am thinking of buying a Micron Millenium XP that uses the new AMD 760
chipset and DDR-SDRAM. I am wondering if there are any gotchas with this
system or chipset and Linux. I know about the problem with RH 6.2 and
Athlon's and that doesn't worry me. Will UDMA-100 work with this? Will
there be other problems? The video card is an NVidia NV15 GEFORCE 256 AGP
with 64 MB DDR. Will this work with XFree?

Thanks for any pointers.

Eric C. Frey            
The University of North Carolina

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