UPS does not want to connect to serial port...

UPS does not want to connect to serial port...

Post by Sergei Naum » Sat, 17 Jun 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to put a UPS on my friend's Linux box. He's got 400W one
with a mouse-like serial port. Cable is ok as well. However, when I
start powerd with /dev/ttyS0 it says
        powerd: UPS connection error, exiting
Could anyone, please explain me what can be the problem?

Thanks in advance

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1. HELP needed with connecting UPS to serial port w/o "getty"

Has anyone ever hooked up a tripp-lite ups to a solaris machine using the
power alert plus software?  

The ups instructions for a solaris installation blow, and i cant really figure
out the way solaris is handling it's serial ports.  

The instructions say that i need to configure the port for 2400, but without
a getty running.  Now, i think that in solaris, a ttymon is a getty.  But
knowing this still doesnt get me much closer to setting the thing up.  

So how do i configure ttya for straight serial communications without a
getty/ttymon getting in the way?


please reply via mail if possible.

Robert Windsor Nilsen III    

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