Morse Telecommuncations Linux Quarterly Summer

Morse Telecommuncations Linux Quarterly Summer

Post by David Wats » Wed, 09 Nov 1994 09:48:39

Last May I paid for an annual subscription to the Morse Telecomunications
Linux Quarterly and received the Spring cd-rom.  Since then I have not
received any more, but I see they are advertising their Fall issue.
They do not answer my email.  Has anyone else not received the
Summer issue?  Have I blown my dough?

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Nedlands, WA 6009  Australia.                     FAX: (61 9) 380 1028

1. Linux Journal/Linux Quarterly: Joint Announcement

The staffs of The Linux Journal and Morse Telecommunications are pleased to
announce that a joint introduction of The Linux Journal and The Linux
Quarterly CDROM, Winter '94, will be held at the Raritan Center
Exposition Hall in Edison New Jersey, this Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
February 19th-21st. Show hours are from 10AM to 4PM, Saturday and Sunday and
10AM to 3PM on Monday.

The introduction will take place at Morse Telecom's booth. On hand will be a
representative of the Linux Journal, in addition to the Morse Telecom staff.
We welcome all in the general area to stop by and meet with us. You'll also
have the chance to inspect, first-hand, copies of both the Linux Journal
and the The Linux Quarterly.

For directions to the show, please call (908) 417-1444.

We look forward to meeting many of you there.

Michael R. Johnston      

Morse Telecommunications  

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