How to play .aif audio files?

How to play .aif audio files?

Post by bforsber » Thu, 22 Jun 2000 04:00:00

>I was trying to play some .aif files from an enhanced CD.  The
>files (mpg with mtv or mov with xanim)  play fine.  When  I try
>to play an .aif I get :

>IFF: unsupported FORM Type: AIFC(41494643)
>Error: Shell widget xanim has zero width and/or height

>With "play" (from the "sox" package) I get
>sox: AIFF 'FORM' chunk does not specify 'AIFF' as type

>"cat filename.aif > /dev/dsp"  makes lots of really harsh noise.

>Does anyone know of a player for .aif files? or should I ask the
>guy to add support?

There is no such things as .aif sound files. This is most likely
AIFF or AIFC audio file formats. These were created by Apple
I believe. I have an alpha sound library that has a sample
player that plays both of these formats. You can try it if you
like at


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