LPD has to be restarted

LPD has to be restarted

Post by rag.. » Sat, 04 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Intermittently I'm having to restart the lpd. Problem seems to happen during
heavier work load. I have about 8 network printers all of which works most of
the time.

I'm currently on RH 6.0, but had same problem with RH 5.1. I have considered
going to a replacement product like LPPLUS, but wish I could just get the
normal LPD to be as reliable as the OS is.

Any Ideas?


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Hi everybody, I could use some help with a weird printing problem.

I'm using Debian 1.2, kernel version 2.0.27.  I have lp loading as a
module, apparently OK since it prints "lp1 at 0x0378, polling" on bootup.
"cat foo > /dev/lp1" works as it should.

I'm using magicfilter, which set up a printcap that looks fine.

Here's the weird part: I can type "lpr foo.dvi" with no error messages,
then when I type "lpq" it shows foo.dvi in the queue, but the top line
says "Warning: No daemon present." So I su and type "lpc restart all",
which says
       "lp: no daemon to abort
        lp: daemon started."
ps shows the lpd program running.
However, lpq still says "No daemon present", and the spool files are
still sitting untouched in the spool directory.

Help, this has me stumped!

Alex Chamberlain

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