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i have a pen-90 with 8 megs of ram with a 420 hd partitioned for linux and
msdos,i have a sony cd33a my problem is no matter what media i
chooseit wount mount.i tried from the hd with files i ftped and that didnt
work.then i bought a cd with a nice little book it is called the complete
linux kit.when i try to install i get to the choose media part and my cd
wont mount,i have tried with cd31a,idecd,andeven tried scsi driver.then i
tried doind xcopy e:\(my cd drive) /s c:\slakware to install from the hd
but i get an error saying "cannot find .mir"that is a file on the cdrom and
it is there so i have absolutely no clue what to do and am getting so
frustrated i am ready to kick in my monitor so please help before i do
something drastic.

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I have Red Hat 5.2 cd...and boot/supp disk
I have win 98 (AMD-2/333Mhz)
I also have 386 with 16mbram and 170mb HD

My win 98 that has two nic:

one NIC (I call it NIC A)which goes to cable modem and IP was assigned
dynamically (DHCP)..

 and another NIC (I call it NIC B )(it for temporary use)) I gave it IP of and that goes to my another computer a 386 which has one NIC which
will have ip of

I wish to install Linux on 386 (to build firewall server for my cable modem)
but CDROM on 386 is inaccessible (old old interface) so Im left with choice
...install from NFS or SMB or FTP...

I can boot from RedHat flobby and go thru the usual step but when it comes
to "ready to install" it failed to "mount" win98's cdrom which has RedHat CD
in it....

this is only a temporary networking setup until I finally installed Linux
onto the 386 HD and after its done then I just reconfiger it after I
re-arranged the network setup later to accomplish my goal...

Please Help me out.....!!!

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