Advise: Hardware for AUIS multi-media system

Advise: Hardware for AUIS multi-media system

Post by Raj Math » Wed, 07 Dec 1994 15:31:54

I am planning to setup a few multimedia computers to be used as Andrew
Toolkit (AUIS) workstations (under Linux). The primary function of
these workstations will be as multi-media e-mail front-ends. Never
having done this sort of a thing before, I would appreciate any
advice, tips or past experiences, especially with compatible hardware

- Sound cards

- CD-ROM drives

- Video (frame-grabber) cards

- Cameras for same

Asking for a lot, isn't it? :-)

possible; I'll summarize and post here if there is enough interest.

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1. need help with multi-media CD-ROM

   Hi. I am the art director for a multi-media CD-ROM made by a non-profit

   We thought that we could make the CD-ROM more useful by using a web browser
interface and ISO-9660, especially so that the CD-ROM could be viewed on
Windows and LINUX.

   Well, we ran into a problem. All of the file names are stored in the
directories as upper case letters. All of the file references in the HTML
documents are also in upper case letters. Unfortunately, LINUX seems to mount a
CD-ROM with all file names in lower case, resulting in broken links and missing

   The mastering software we are using can only write names in upper case
letetrs, unless it is creating a disk for the Macintosh. We could create a disk
image and then hand edit all the file names and then use that as the master,
but there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 files and there is no way
we can come up with the volunteer labor to hand edit that many entries (and
make sure there are no mistakes in the process).

   So, is there any way to get LINUX to mount a CD-ROM with upper case letter
file names instead of the default lower case letter file names? It sure would
be a shame to have to give up on LINUX when we are this close.

to the internet and newsgroups.


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