ANNOUNCE: xldlas v0.60 (Stats) is now available

ANNOUNCE: xldlas v0.60 (Stats) is now available

Post by Thor Sigvaldas » Sat, 30 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Announcing xldlas v0.60

        I have recently placed version 0.60 of xldlas
        in sunsite's incoming directory:


        I expect it to be moved to:


        shortly. Since strange things seem to be happenning as sunsite, the
        best place to get the new version is at the xldlas homepage:


What's New

        * Popup Balloon Help added

        * Multiple variable summaries

        * Various Bug fixes

What is it?

        It's for doing statistics.


        * Based on the xforms library (ie. looks pretty slick)

        * Point and click interface to statistical summaries, OLS
          regression, plotting, correlation analysis, etc.

        * Neural network and Genetic Algorithm data fitting
          with some nice visual feedback.

        * Very handy automatic generating of .tex format and html
          log files, including tables and plots.

        * Online help

Where'd the Name come from

        xldlas was inspired by a non-X statistics program called ldlas,
        which stood for ldlas, damned lies, and statistics. So, I guess
        xldlas stands for x ldlas, damned lies, and statisitics.

ATTN: People with Other Stats Software

        I've been getting a lot of e-mail about xldlas, and some people
        seem to be using it for fairly important things. This worries me,
        because I have received very little feedback on xldlas's
        statistical "accuracy". So, if you have access to Gauss, Stata,
        SPSS, Shazam, etc., I'd really appreciate it if you could run
        some data through your commercial software, run the same
        data through xldlas, and report any discrepencies. I'm pretty
        sure that Summarize and Correlation are ok, but Regress and
        ANOVA should be explored. Thanks.


        The author (Thor Sigvaldason) is happy to receive feedback


Title:          xldlas          
Version:        0.60
Entered-date:   November 28, 1996  
Description:    An xforms based statistical application with graphing,  
                regression analysis, curve fitting using genetic
                algorithms, and some other useful stuff.
Keywords:       statistics, plots, regression, genetic algorithms
                correlation, anova, math

Platform:       Standard Linux (whatever that means)
Copying-policy: GPL