Anyone using Bochs x86 emulator?

Anyone using Bochs x86 emulator?

Post by roo » Mon, 22 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Bochs is an in-development x86 emulator that runs a variety of
OSes (FreeDOS, Windows, Linux, BSD, etc.) at (currently)
spectacularly slow speeds. Anyway, I have a RedHat Linux
box which, when running this emulator, accesses an image of
a 200M hard drive holding a Debian distribution -- not an
actual HD, but a .img file that looks like one. Is there a way
to use the loop interface to mount this filesystem (under
RedHat) and access it from there? Presently I get an error
like "Can't find a ext2 filesystem on dev 07:02." Which leads
me to believe that I need some kind offset in my losetup, perhaps?
Please advise...

Daniel M.Debertin
katdan at mninter dot net


1. Installing FreeBSD under BOCHS (ports/emulators/bochs)


I've been trying to get bochs 1.4.1 working under FreeBSD. The port
builds and installs fine but I am unable to get FreeBSD to act as a
guest OS. I've gone through the Bochs docs and searched the web/usenet
for answers without success.

I am having problems with the hard disk emulation, cdrom access, and
the ne2k emulation. Briefly, here are the problems:

1 Hard Disk emulation

During the FreeBSD boot process, FreeBSD is unable to find the disk,
though it does find the controller but is unable to find/access the
hard drive image.

ad0: Read command timeout ...
ad0: failed to reset ...

Additionally, no hard disk devices are displayed in the partitioning
menu in sysinstall.

Note, I was able to get OpenDOS to find the hard disk, so I'm pretty
sure I've got it setup alright. Also, FreeBSD 3.4 was able to locate
the drive and run fdisk on it (though disklabel failed).


During device probes, Boch panics:
Event type: PANIC
Device: [CD   ]
Message: [CD   ] cdrom: read_toc: READTOCENTRY failed.

choosing to continue bypasses the problem.

Unfortunately, sysinstall is unable to find the cdrom device (even
though it booted from it).

3 ne2k emuation

during boot process, Bochs panics:
Event type: PANIC
Device: [NE2K ]
Message: [NE2K ] ne2K: dma write, byte count 0

choosing to continue bypasses the problem.

I am able to get FBSD to find the ne2k device (as ed0). It is also
successfully configured with an ip address and even sends packets
(verified with tcpdump). Unfortunately, it does not recieve packets.
It doesn't even respond to arp requrests.

Any help would be appreciated.

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