faxgetty cannot initialize modem

faxgetty cannot initialize modem

Post by Mark Damme » Fri, 17 Sep 1999 04:00:00

The system is overflooding /var/log/messages with the following
message and several ?modem wedged.. entries after installing and
setting up the Hylafax faxserver and setting up faxgetty:

Sep 16 18:59:16 isrout FaxGetty[2779]: Error parsing "+FTM" query
response: "OK"

It looks as the faxgetty is expecting another response from the modem
than the standard ?OK. The modem (Elsa Microlink 56k) itself is
working well. I can operate it with minicom and I have reduced the
baud rate to 19200.

Any Help welcome,
greetings Mark


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I used my modem (externel 56K) on COM 2 which is I configured using
redhat dailer.The dialer works fine and no problem at all.The problem
that I discover when I want to set up a dail up server,which is minicom
cannot initialized my modem on COM2.I tried to change from COM 2 to COM
1 and minicom can easily initialized my modem.
I'm really confuse why my minicom cannot detact COM 2 ?

What is the best solution in order minicom can detact my modem?

thank you very much.


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