smail on linux -- deferred delivery to ISP

smail on linux -- deferred delivery to ISP

Post by Brian McCaule » Sat, 20 Sep 1997 04:00:00

> I've got a problem which I can't seem to solve. I'm running Debian 1.3.1
> (kernel 2.0.29) and with smail as a MTA, on an Intel box at home. I would like
> to handle my mail thusly:

> 1 connect via PPP to my ISP (actually my school)
> 2 run fetchmail to get the mail from the POP server
> 3 disconnect
> 4 read mail in VM
> 5 reply offline and get smail to spool the outgoing mail
> 6 connect and deliver outgoing.

> However, I can't get 5 and 6 to work. I've tried using SMTP and queued
> delivery in smail.conf, I've used a smart_host, I've tried UUCP, I've read the
> docs, I've searched DejaNews... all my outgoing mail gets bounced right back.

There's a simple kludge (not my invention - I read it here).

Configure smail as though you have a direct IP connection but with a
long timeout on SMTP retries.

In ip-up:

rm /var/spool/smail/retry/smtp/*

If this is already what you are doing could you be a bit more precise
about the exact errors when "all my outgoing mail gets bounced right back."


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smail on linux -- deferred delivery to ISP

Post by Friedhelm Mehne » Sun, 21 Sep 1997 04:00:00

: In ip-up:
: rm /var/spool/smail/retry/smtp/*
: runq

This solves a problem with "stuck" messages, I've been wrestling with
for years.
Why in the world didn't I think about this?



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smail on linux -- deferred delivery to ISP

Post by Scott Willse » Sun, 28 Sep 1997 04:00:00

> I've just spent the last few days trying to get sendmail working, and
> ended up trying smail instead. I now have a working setup, and do
> exactly what you want to do.

> The key is in the /etc/smail/config and /etc/smail/routers files. These
> may be somewhere else on Debian, I use RedHat.

> I have attached these two files for my system. My IP's domain is
>, just substitute yor IP's domain instead.

I'm curious about the problems you had with sendmail. My Red Hat 4.2
installation set it up for me to the point of working fine with minimal
effort by me.  I was able to find a script for fetchmail on the web that
would be run as a cron job, and would get my mail of CalWeb's pop3
server, and would also run sendmail to deliver any outgoing mail.  It
works fine just by calling "sendmail -q".  The one thing I did have to
do to get mail delivered into the correct spool and not get dumped to
root's mail spool was to use procmail to deliver it.  Since I'm not at
my linux machine, I can't remember all the details without looking, but
it involved simply making a .procmailrc in my root and other accounts,
and it was also installed already and worked with little effort on my


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