best cdrecorder,soundcard & 21' monitor for linux/X

best cdrecorder,soundcard & 21' monitor for linux/X

Post by Chris Sego » Sun, 10 Aug 1997 04:00:00

I amlooking to upgrade several components on my system. cost is a factor

first priority (the expensive one)  a 19,20,21' monitor w/ good
resolution and fast refresh that works under linux/X very well. cost is
a factor so I will except less than ideal

a cdrecorder ,speed is not very important. just need something that will
work under linux,can be mounted easily, read and be written to.

sound card that works under linux. this is not very important item

all suggestions are welcome.

thanks    ~Chris


1. Best CD-Recorder,Sound card, 21' monitor for linux ?

I am looking to upgrade parts of my linux box. just looking for
suggestion on which hardware works best under linux. cost is a factor

first priority (the expensive one) a svga monitor 19.20,21' must have
good resolution and fast refresh. but cost is still a factor and am
willing to compromise.

a cd recorder. speed is not extremely important. it is important that
the cd will be able to be mounted easily can be read and recorded to.

a sound card that is supported under linux and works well. this is not
very important at all.

All suggestions are welcome

                        Thanks  ~Chris

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