inn problems redhat 4.2

inn problems redhat 4.2

Post by mik » Thu, 23 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I've got inn 1.5.1 running on my 2.0.30 redhat 4.2 box.  I'm
using newsx for sucking news.

Things work, sortof.

Here is the problems:

I cannot post if I run tin the standard way, I cannot post manually
using inews, I get no errors, but the articals do not show up in
the spool.

If I run tin -r with the nntpserver pointed to myself I can read
and post and everything seems to work.

If I run netscape news on one of my win95 boxes, I can read but
I cannot post, well it acts like it posts but the articals
never show up in the spool.

Other info, when I post with tin -r the header looks like it
was posted from the server I xchange news with (see this header above)
even though my server is

Anyone got any ideas on where and what to check to try to fix
all this?




1. INN setup for RedHat 4.2

I know most people say, read, read, read and read.
I have.

The documentation on still refers to an older version of
inn and redhat 2.1 so that is little help.  I can not seem to get the info
in  newsfeeds correct.  I've looked at the demos, I have read the man
pages, and I still get errors in the ME and the feed site in fields 2, 3
and 4.  And inn dies very loudly.

I have setup leafnode to work, though I really want better control over
the news server, plus in the future there may be more traffic than
leafnode would like.

Any options, advice or help here?

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