Playing CDi MPEG movies on Linux

Playing CDi MPEG movies on Linux

Post by [Pyrit » Wed, 13 Jul 1994 19:21:34

Would it be possible for Linux to read a Philips CDi MPEG movie CD, and
play the movie using an MPEG player in software ?

I know you can get MPEG players that will show movies, without sound, but I
haven't found one yet that will do it with.

It sounds to me that it might be possible, providing you have a fast 486, a
fast graphics card and maybe a GUS (cause it uses relativly little CPU time
when playing sound) and if the system was running only the bare essentials.

If anyone can enlighten me on the feasability of this can you let me know ?
Or maybe someones implemented (or implemeting) a similar program ?



PS.  Email me if possible my news reader is knackered.


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