Cannot get Toshiba SCSI CD ROM to work

Cannot get Toshiba SCSI CD ROM to work

Post by John Wel » Mon, 25 Apr 1994 12:20:27

        Apologies for the cross-posting - I've asked in help several
times and nobody can answer this one.

        Situation: I have a 386DX-40, 8M Ram, two IDE drives and an
Adaptec 1542CF SCSI card with a Quantum 240 and a Toshiba XM-3101
CD-ROM on it.  I have had this problem with 0.99pl14, 0.99pl15 and
just got 1.0 and *still* cannot mount the CD ROM.
        I have re-built the kernel to include ISO9660 filesystems.  I
am trying to mount the InfoMagic CDROM, which claims to be ISO9660.  I
have a directory, /cdrom, which is read only owned by root.
        During bootup, the system sees the Toshiba drive, and tells me
it's at /dev/sr0.  I boot, log in as root, nothing at all yet mounted
on /cdrom, and type in:
        mount -t iso9660 /dev/sr0 /cdrom
        and I get the message that it's the wrong fs type, /dev/sr0
already mounted, /cdrom busy or other error.

        1. It's NOT the wrong fs type.
        2. /dev/sr0 is NOT already mounted.
        3. /cdrom is NOT busy.
        4. What "other error" is it?????

        As I have a fairly large pile of Toshiba 3101 and a few 3201
drives, I'd really like to know just how to make this drive play.
Supposedly, according to the answers I've gotten from c.o.l.h., it
should work (well, they haven't really *tried* it with SCSI, they all
have sound cards, but it works for them).  Has anybody actually gotten
any SCSI CD-ROM to work?  Does anybody else even *have* a Toshiba

        (excuse me if I sound a little miffed - not having access to
the CD is keeping us from getting ftp net access.  To cure this, I
tossed my ST-02 card and bought a TMS-830, tossed that and bought a
1542CF, upgraded from 0.99pl14 to 0.99pl15 to 1.0 and it *still* has
the same problem.  yes, the cable is terminated.  the Toshiba is in
the middle, and has at times been at the end.  it all plays
fantastically under DOS, so it isn't a hardware problem.  I'm
clueless, out of airspeed, altitude and ideas.  Any help much

While (its_not_working())                            John Welch, N9JZW