Can write and talk be monitored in real time by root?

Can write and talk be monitored in real time by root?

Post by wseg.. » Thu, 16 Mar 2000 04:00:00

That is, all messages mirrored on the root terminal, or some
indication that messages are being sent and to whom?

Better, yet: could could all use of these and similar commands be
denied except on a per-usage basis?  i.e.: user1 enters "write user2"
and root is notified and must enable user2 to recieve the message
before user1 may proceed.

And one step further:  root decides user3 should also see the message
and causes it to be written to their terminal also?

If so, how?


Wade Segade


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I'm running UnixWare 7.0.1 on a Pentium 200 MMX with an ASUS TXP4
motherboard.  This machine acts as an Apache Web Server and runs great.
Most of the time, I have the CDE logon screen displayed; however, if I
switch ( Alt + SysRq + h ) to the command line logon, I see the following
 repeated followed by the logon prompt at the bottom ):

Nov 8 21:01:30 BCS1 unix: NOTICE: rtcget: failed to read clock
Real Time Clock not responding.

However, the time for the system and BIOS are correct and always have been.
It doesn't seem to cause any harm, so is this just something I'll have to

Thanks in advance for putting my worries at ease....

Allan Stuart Meidlein
BCS Technology, Inc.
(604) 684 7299 (phone)
(604) 681 5896 (fax)

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