"Login Incorrect" after modifying /etc/passwd !??

"Login Incorrect" after modifying /etc/passwd !??

Post by Louie Cha » Sun, 05 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Hi, dear all !!

I had deleted one user (one line only) in the file /etc/passwd with one
text editor "joe" but I forgot to delete the same user in the file

Afterwards, I have found one problem,  that all users cannot login the
linux server successfully via either telnet or virtual console locally.
It shows "Login incorrect" although I have entered the right login user
name and password.

But I can login this server with "rlogin" without the "Login incorrect"
problem. Besides, it is also no problem while using ftp, samba ...etc.

Only using telnet and login can get "Login incorrect" problem.

I had tried thousand of methods already. For example, I used "pwck",
"grpck" and "userdel ALLUSERS". I had deleted all users and recreated
them. Besides, I had modified "/etc/pam.conf" and all files "/etc/pam.d"
for testing. But the same problem "Login Incorrect" is still existing !!!
Therefore, I recovered all settings to original from my backup.

I hope someone can give me one help. Thanks !!!

Anyone can give me one help !!!?
Please tell me how to fix this problem.

Thanks a lot for your kind attention !

Best Rgds. Louie


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