Weird kernel messages

Weird kernel messages

Post by Bill Nottingh » Thu, 29 Feb 1996 04:00:00

In /var/adm/messages:

Feb 26 09:06:28 notting kernel: Weird - unlocked, clean, and not uptodate
buffer on list 0 b00 32

usually followed by the ubiquitous "last message repeated xx times" where
xx ranges from 5-65.

Is this message indicative of something wrong, or can it be safely
ignored?  Everything seems to work correctly except the Token Ring support,
and it's not crashing.

Vital stats:
Base Slackware 3.0
Kernel 1.3.20:
        - PCI support
        - Future Domain 16xx SCSI - 1 SCSI CD-ROM
        - Token Ring support (not working)
        - MS Sound System support
IBM PC 750/133 - P-133, 16MB memory

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