Mosaic audio

Mosaic audio

Post by Spaw » Wed, 30 Mar 1994 14:21:28

Hi.  Can somebody tell me which program they use to play Mosaic audio,
and where to find it?  Thanks.

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Mosaic audio

Post by Hal N. Broo » Wed, 30 Mar 1994 23:38:38

>Hi.  Can somebody tell me which program they use to play Mosaic audio,
>and where to find it?  Thanks.

By default, Mosaic-2.2 wants to use "showaudio".  Someone else
recently suggested that it's sufficient to use the script:

cat $1 >/dev/audio

and that works fine for me.  Evidently the *real* showaudio is
distributed as a part of the Metamail package.

The Mosaic-2.2 CHANGES file is my source for most of this information.
It also give the X11 resource for changing this default:

    o audioPlayerCommand (default 'showaudio' from Metamail

but I haven't tried that.




Mosaic audio

Post by Sarr J. Blums » Thu, 31 Mar 1994 01:42:09

|> Hi.  Can somebody tell me which program they
|> use to play Mosaic audio,
|> and where to find it?  Thanks.

I use Lsox, which is on sunsite.


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1. How to play audio from Mosaic on SPARC 5, Sol. 2.3.II ????

I have finally gotten my Sparc 5 and am ramping up.  I am running Solaris
2.3 Ed. II.  I have Mosaic working except for audio support.  On other
Sparcs it seems like I have usually been able to cat *.au files to
/dev/audio, but even though audiotool and /usr/demo/SOUND/bin/soundtool will
play *.au files, 'cat > /dev/audio' just gives me a click.  I have
even been able to play CD's with WorkMan and use audiotool to play them
through the internal speaker (it involves following the instructions from
the Solaris 2.3 Ed.II product guide on how to record from the internal CD
and turning up the monitor volume and simply not recording it).  Although
audiotool will immediately play any *.au files on the command line with the
-p flag, a shell script showaudio


audiotool -p %s

does not even load the sound file from mosaic ready to play.

I also tried to quote the %s.

Anybody got any hints?

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