Commercial: 1u rackmount servers May special!

Commercial: 1u rackmount servers May special!

Post by Allen Ahoffma » Tue, 23 May 2000 04:00:00

05/15/2000:  Hot Deals from Announce Communications Inc.

Servers Preloaded With Linux!

        Intel CA810EAL motherboard
                onboard 10/100 NIC, sound, AGP video,
                1S1P, game port and IR headers.
        128MB SDRAM
        Intel 466MHZ Celeron CPU w/heatsink and cooling fan.
        2 10GB IDE hard drive.
        145W power supply.
        Rehdat 6.2
                sendmail, apache, mysql, webmin,        
Purchase price: $999.00
        With 1 year rack space and 30GB/month outgoing bandwidth
         price: $2100.00


1. Should I Buy COBALT or Custom 1U Rackmount Server?

Before I drift off and bore you, my question is:

Is it wiser to buy a COBALT for few sites to host or is it better to buy a
bare system with twice as much power and
speed and load Redhat 7.2 Server or Solaris and run Apache that way?  That
requires alot of manual configurations
compared to the COBALT and I might need to hit the books because it's been
awhile since I used *NIX.

I can get Solaris, Apache, SendMail, MySQL, PERL, PHP, ChilliSoft going on
the custom one but managing
and settings things up might be harder.  Especially where everything is all
command prompt.

Thanks for suggestions..

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I can get a 1U rack from my company that I work for for allot less than the
cobalt but I am not as experience
web person on *nix as I am on NT.

I saw demos and talk about COBALT and I figure if that is all they do they
must be good at.

I know with NT if I put it there I have to deal  with VPN, Terminal Servers,
patching the darn
thing every week.  I also worry that it is not as easy to customize per

I like the control panel where the user can go in himself and change all
settings for his own use.

With NT I am not sure if they have good or any control panels and if they do
I'm sure they are expensive.

I would like to host my sites and start hosting few other people's so I can
pay the co-location fees.
I like using PERL which on some cases I need to have MySQL where I cannot
get it on NT and
PERL can go both ways on NT or *NIX.

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