Can a filter in LPRng change the jobname?

Can a filter in LPRng change the jobname?

Post by A. Lewenbe » Tue, 23 Jul 2002 08:57:50

I am using LPRng (version 3.8.2) under linux. I have two print queues
on the same server: queueA and queueB. I would like to have all jobs
submitted to queueA simply forwarded to queueB BUT with a _new_
jobname, dynamically created by a filter associated with queueA. Thus,
I want something like this to happen:

% lpr paper.txt
% lpq -PqueueA

 Rank   Owner/ID    Class Job Files        Size Time
active  root        A     8   paper.txt    39192 12:41:07

[And a second or so later...]

% lpq -PqueueB

 Rank   Owner/ID    Class Job Files        Size Time
active  sroot       A     8   rec3261      39192 12:41:07

Note how the jobname has changed from "paper.txt" to "rec3261".

I would settle for having the filter between queueA and queueB add a Z
line to control file. Then I could grab that line after the file
arrives at queueB and use that information to track the job.


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