RDP Client (newbie)

RDP Client (newbie)

Post by Pablo de Carlo » Sat, 06 Oct 2001 15:33:24

> Hello,

> Does anyone know of a RDP (remote desktop Protocol) Client for linux, I
> would like my users to connect to an MS terminal server box if needed

> Thanks Heaps

> P.S Please excuse the cross-post

Try at www.rdesktop.org. It works!

1. RDP Client?

I am also looking for a Linux or Jave RDP client. Many thin clients are
Linux based and do use a client like this. However, I cannot find a
Linux client to Purchase. Hobsoft sells a Java client, but it is too
expensive though.

Have you managed to find out more?

If there is not a free (or relative cheap) client available, then I
think it is a good idea to get one from the thin clients or crack the
Java code and distribute it for free.

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