mounting root partition from root floppy diskette

mounting root partition from root floppy diskette

Post by Leonard Blan » Tue, 05 Mar 1996 04:00:00

I am creating a set of rescue floppies using Bootkit
and have been unable to find a nice safe and sane
way to mount my root partition on hdb1 on the root
floppy. The BRU User's Guide (sic) states that

   # mkfs /dev/rdsk/0s0 100000
   # mount /dev/dsk/0s0 /mnt

will work (assuming the root partition device name is
/dev/dsk/0s0 and the raw device name is /dev/rdsk/0s0).

Could someone translate this for me or offer another

BTW, the reason I am bothering you with this question
and not the wonderful people who sell BRU is that I
have tried to email support and all attempts bounce.




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init 1
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[ that didn't work! ]

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