memory with buslogic 445S

memory with buslogic 445S

Post by Bill Heis » Sat, 18 Jun 1994 19:36:29

I seem to recall seeing something posted about being limited to <16mb of
memory when using the Buslogic BT-445S.  Is this still the case with the
Buslogic driver?  Or can I have > 16mb (i.e. 32mb) of memory now?

Will there be a performance hit due to the issues of addressing >16mb
on the ISA bus?  This is a 486/66 with ISA slots and VL slots.



1. GUS + BusLogic BT-445S + STB Pegasus + DX2/66 + 256 kB cache = trouble

I previously wrote

The situation is even weirder. I can solve the problem by any *one*
of the following:

        - disable external cache
        - use 128 kB cache instead of 256 kB
        - replace the DX2/66 with a DX/33
        - remove the GUS (gravis ultrasound)
        - replace the VL-bus BT-445S with an ISA-bus AHA-1542B
        - replace the VL-bus STB Pegasus with an ISA-bus S3-801 vga card

Things that would not help:

        - replacing cache SRAM
        - replacing DRAM SIMMS
        - replacing 20 ns TAG SRAM with a 15 ns chip
        - changing any AMI BIOS setup option other than disabling ext. cache
        - adding VL-bus waitstates
        - slot positions (though 1 VL slot does not support busmastering)

I am now waiting for a newer revision of my Buslogic card, but
I'm beginning to think the problem is in the motherboard;
things are just getting too fast, I guess.

There is also another problem that happens *only* when
using 128 kB cache: the infamous signal 11 internal gcc error
when building a Linux kernel.

Before this all happened, I had another cache problem:
Linux would crash randomly, mainly in the swapper task,
unless I had disabled the external cache.
This was solved by building a kernel with -m386 instead of -m486.
This worked, but I could never find out the theory behind this.

This is already my second motherboard; the first one would
appear totally dead with the STB Pegasus on it.

For the record, here's my hardware setup:

        motherboard: DX2/66, SiS 461 VL chipset, 3 VL slots, AMI BIOS
        16 MB 70 ns DRAM
        256 kB 20 ns SRAM, 32 kB 15 ns TAG RAM
        BusLogic BT-445S VL SCSI host adapter rev D, BIOS 4.72, f/w 3.36
        STB Pegasus VL S3-928 vga card (S3-928 is D-stepping)
        Gravis Ultrasound (don't have the revision number)
        no-name ISA-bus 2x16550 1xparallel I/O card

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Phone  : +31 70 3542302
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