NewBie REQ For Help! re: Modem/Sound/Admin.

NewBie REQ For Help! re: Modem/Sound/Admin.

Post by Jim Serv » Fri, 28 Jul 1995 04:00:00


I'm a newbie.  Any Help that you guys might be able to provide woudl be
more than cool to me...  As I'm still trying to figure this Linux thing
out - i only just recently Installed it..

I have a few Questions...  See if you can help me, Please~!

1>   How do i set up the Modem so I can Call Out.  

2>   How do I set up the Modem and Whatever Software to Allow people to
        call into me and login to my Linux box.?

3>   I have a SoundBlaster 16 Card, How do I set up Sound on this puppy.
        I have already gotten the CD-Rom portion to work,
         now what about sound?

4>   How Would i setup a Null-Modem Link to another Puter - Say to logon
        locally to a BBS via Null-Modem Cable <a  Pcboard BBS>..

5>   How do I Setup Network Access in to the Linux Box, either by
        Telnet/FTp/via Net or whatever?  How is this accomplished?
        I have a 16MB/s NE2000 Compatible Net- Card....  

6>   How would I Setup my Linux Box to be able to See And Possibly
        Access the Network Server.

7>   Where Can I find Administrative Utilities?
        Like Stuff to be able to Setup and Modify User Accts.
        Like being able to Keep a Tab on the System and what is going on.

8>   When booting my Linux Box, It constantly Lockes on the CSLIP thing
        in the boot sequence, Any Idea on what the problem is and how to
        alleviate this?

9>   How do you add Programs to The X-Windows 3.1.1 Menus or whatever
        they are called?

10>  Any suggestions on What are cool Linux Programs/Utils to be running
        - in ANY respect.,...  What's Cool?  And WHERE can I get it at?

If you think you could help me in any of the above situations, or maybe
you just would like to provide me with Your 2-Bits..

or to This Newsgroup..

Thank You in Advance..

Jim Serven