tar.gz file for Japanese Ext to Linux (0.9.3) 94/1/24 available

tar.gz file for Japanese Ext to Linux (0.9.3) 94/1/24 available

Post by Nelson Ch » Sun, 30 Jan 1994 14:11:17

if you're interested in archiving or receiving a tar.gz file of the
Japanese Extension to Linux version 0.9.3, 94/1/24, please give me the
address of your ftp site, and i'll upload it there.

JE  has been reported to work with slackware 1.1.1, though it's created for

ps. here's a copy of the README:


                   J a p a n e s e    E x t e n s i o n s

                                              JE_PACKAGE_VERSION 0.9.1
                                              SHARED_LIB_VERSION 4.4.4
                                           XF_SHARED_LIB_VERSION 3.1.0

JE is a collection of software which enables Linux to handle
Japanese. The software was either ported to Linux or was newly
developed for this purpose.

JE should be installed as an extension to the SLS distribution.

There are many Japanese character set encoding schemes,  including
EUC-J, JIS, and MS-Kanji (SHIFT-JIS), but JE can only handle EUC-J
seamlessly. Other encoding schemes can be converted to EUC-J using
nkf (included).  

There are three Japanese (Kanji) input systems (Wnn, Canna, and sj3)
in the package, so you can choose which is best suites your needs.

JE is divided into several sub-packages to support these different
Kanji input systems. They are:

j?  : Several utilities including nkf, lha and NEmacs
jw? : Wnn binary distribution package and Nemacs/Mule for Wnn
jc? : Canna binary distribution package and Nemacs/Mule for Canna
js? : sj3 binary distribution package and Nemacs/Mule for sj3
jt? : JTeX (Japanese TeX)
jf? : JTeX & X11R5 fonts
jx? : Several Japanese localized X clients including KTerm.

If Canna is choosen as the Kanji input, the jw? or js? series are not
needed (or vice versa).  

JTeX accepts only EUC-J. KON accepts JIS and either EUC-J or Shift-JIS.
NEmacs and Mule can handle JIS, EUC-J and Shift-JIS. If the packages
are modified to handle other encoding systems, please let us know.

Because JE uses the SLS menu and/or sysinstall for installation,
SLS-Linux is required.

(0)     If you use Wnn, add a user "wnn" with useradd.
(1)     Each directory of JE contains files of up to 1.2MB.
        Prepare enough MS-DOS formatted disks to copy them.
(2)     Run "menu" as root.  Select "Install Software", then
        "Additional Install Utilities",
        "Install Packages From A Disk".
(3)     The installation process is the same as that in the SLS
(4)     If you have "sysintall" but not "menu", run "sysinstall." For

        If you're installing jw?:

        # sysinstall -series jw

        Since there are many configuration options for Nemacs/Mule
        included in this package, we suggest to use -doprompt option to
        choose the one you really need.

# Read the DIST file for a detailed description of this package.
# Contributors are listed in the file LSL.
# JE overwrites some software installed by SLS.

Notice: There is NO WARRANTY with this product. Use it at your own

JE is still experimental software. Please let us know if there are any
problems. Comments and suggestions are also welcome.

Mr. Manabe is writing an installation manual for JE.
Any comments will be reflected in the manual.