Adaptec 1522 & NEC 210 running?

Adaptec 1522 & NEC 210 running?

Post by Laurentiu Rus » Thu, 14 Jul 1994 00:15:19

Is anyone out there in the Linux world running the NEC 210 off an
Adaptec 1522? If yes would you let me know how?



1. Adaptec 1522 & NEC CDR-210 working under Linux?

As the subject says, are the AHA1522 and NEC 2x CDR-210 working together
under Linux?
They work fine under DOS with parity and syncronous operation disabled.
However, Linux just hangs at boot up when it gets to checking the CD-ROM
drive. I've been using the AHA1522 with a SCSI hard disk with no
problems for about 9 months.

At boot time, after it checks the hard disk, it tries to check the CD-ROM
and it hangs. Also, the SCSI messages in Linux tell me that the parity is
enabled even though I disabled it on the card. The NEC CDR-210 doesn't
support parity. Is that the problem? If so, how do I tell Linux that I
want the parity disabled? And yes, I did recompile the kernel with SCSI
CD-ROM option enabled.

If you use these 2 together would you please tell me your setup.

Thanks in advance!

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