Linux Web Page

Linux Web Page

Post by Patrick John Edwar » Wed, 20 Dec 1995 04:00:00

it contains:
        1) Free and Commerical packages information.
        2) Building the Ultimate Linux Desktop, currently on construction.
        3) home of the X Net Tools, a set of Tcl/Tk Scripts for
netowkring tools.
        4) Linux Product Review. A Place where you can submit your
favorite linux package/tool/software/book/etc to be voted on by the
masses. I haven't written this yet, and it is currently in the planning
stages, so if you ideas on how to do this let them fly.

        If you have any comments/ideas/suggestions/etc please tell me.


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** A Brief FAQ  **
Q: There is DOS for Dummies, and there is a Windows 95 for
Dummies, so where is Linux for Dummies?
A: Dummies don't use Linux!


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Am I stupid for having two nic's on the same subnet or what?  All client
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