xpm icons in olvwm instead of xbm?

xpm icons in olvwm instead of xbm?

Post by Fredrik Raadesa » Tue, 12 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Hi all!

Anyone know how I can change the defaults icons set i
/var/X11R6/lib/appdefaults from the boring b/w xbm icons to color xpm icons?
( I've got bunches of groovy icons I would like to use instead of all the
  ugly default ones. )

I know how to change to another xbm icon, with the "*IconPixmap: iconfilename"
line but if I put a xpm icon there it doesn't seem to work. Why?

I haven't found this in any faq or anything, perhaps it's too simple?
Well in any case I don't know how to do it. I couldn't find anything in
the man pages for olwm or X either.

I could find any simple command line switch either for overriding the default

Hmm...another odd thing is that I noticed that some programs have b/w
icons under olvwm but colored icons under fvwm?? This is the case for
example TkDesk. In fvwm the Trash can and stuff are in groovy colors but
in olvwm (wich I like better) they are in b/w. (yuakk!)

If anyone can tell me how to get nice color icons all over the desktop in
olvwm I would appreciate it!



1. ANNOUNCE: icons-0.1.tgz - a collection of xbm and xpm icons

icons-0.1.tgz uploaded to nic.funet.fi, sunsite.unc.edu, tsx-11.mit.edu

This is a collection of both .xbm and .xpm icons for use with xdtm. Some
of these icons came with xdtm, some came from and xpm archive. Only the
most cursory attempt has been made to remove duplicates so far but you
need these to use xdtm.

This archive is set up for installation using my package manager (see
next message). To install this package using my package manager simply
cd to the directory where you would like this package to reside and

        pkg --target /usr/X386 --install icons-0.1.tgz --rebuild

to link it to the relevent places in your system. Alternatively you
can install it by hand by extracting the archive using tar and following
the instructions in Icons-0.1/PKG/map



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