ET6000 support with SVGAlib?

ET6000 support with SVGAlib?

Post by Herman K. La » Fri, 09 May 1997 04:00:00

I'm posting this again because I didn't get a response the first time.

I have a Dynamite 128/Video with 2Mb MDRAM and I want to get SVGAlib to
work with all the high-res modes.  It currently only works in 320x200x8.
Initially, I used it with the same tseng registers file that my ET4000/W32
card used, and I had 320x200x8 fine and high-res working, but with a
totally messed up palette.  I reran the tseng.exe (whatever it was called)
and made a new register file and now I only get 320x200x8. :(

Please help!

Herman Lau


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  I can't use hi-res or hi-colors with my ET6000.  The VGATEST program    
just gives me the first 9 resolution but no high res.  I configured        
svgalib with ET4000 support and used the tseng3.exe for dynamic-config but
no luck ?

  THx for any answer !!

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