Screen Saver at XLogin

Screen Saver at XLogin

Post by Greg Hughe » Fri, 06 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Is it possible to set up xlock to act as a screensaver while at the XLogin
widget?  I tried setting up xautolock and xlock; xautolock calls xlock at
the correct time(s), and xlock appears to start (the screen goes black) but
then xlock quits and returns back to the XLogin widget.  I made sure that
xlock *isn't* set to lock the screen (nor xautolock).  Am I missing

- Greg Hughes


1. Problems with Gnome Screen Saver and XScreen Saver

Hello Everyone. I am using Red Hat 6.2 and Helix Gnome and I am having
the most bizarre problem between GNOME Screen Saver and XScreen Saver.
The problem is, I have a screen saver selected in GNOME Screen Saver
to start after 10 minutes and when that screen saver runs, it starts
my XScreen Saver instead of the GNOME Screen Saver I have specified.
As it stands now, I can no longer get my GNOME Screen Saver to
function. The only thing that works is my XScreen Saver. It appears
that XScreen Saver is overriding GNOME Screen Saver somehow. The GNOME
Screen Saver did function normally for a while until I started playing
with the XScreen Saver. I am wondering if there is anyway to restore
the defaults for either GNOME Screen Saver or XScreen Saver. Also, I
am wondering what the purpose is of having both screen saver programs
one 1 system. I understand that GNOME Screen Saver is used for the
GNOME GUI environment and that XScreen Saver is used for the X Server,
but it seems that they conflict with each other. Anyway, any help
would be greatly appreciated.

Cliff Allen
Level 2 Technicial Specialist
United Parcel Service

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