AWE64 PnP Help

AWE64 PnP Help

Post by Matt Gromme » Wed, 11 Nov 1998 04:00:00

 I finally got my AWE64 PnP soundcard (mostly) working yesterday but
it's still having problems. When I run workman to play CDs, they play
perfectly fine. When I try to play MP3s, wav files, or au files, the
sound skips really badly. I can tell it's playing the MP3 but it's only
actually playing sound every 1/3-second or so. Any help would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks in advance.

 Matt 'Indomitus' Grommes
 matt o' rama -


1. Help configuring Soundblaster AWE64 pnp

I'm having a helluva time configuring my AWE64 (plug-n-play) card.
I've followed the directions in the HOWTO at

but I've had little luck.  I've recompiled my kernel umpteen times
and fiddled with my /etc/isapnp.conf and no matter what, it says

     AWE: not detected

at boot time (at the point where it tries to load the modules).

Yes, I'm compiling the sound support as a module.

I think the problem is that I don't know what exactly all the settings
should be.  If I boot into Windows95, it claims my card is at IRQ9,
I/O = 240.  But if I boot into a DOS prompt, games that
I play (such as Shadow Warrior) have my card configured to IRQ2 and
IO=220.  Sound/music works fine in both Win95 and DOS.

PLUS, there are the other settings, like "SB MPU401 IRQ" and
"MPU401 I/O base" and "DMA" ...

THEN, I decided to UNINSTALL my AWE64 drivers in Win95 and reinstall
them.  When they were reinstalled, it decided to run on IRQ10 !

All of these settings I've tried in Linux, and I can't get it to
work.  Why do I think it's not working?

1) I get the "AWE: not detected" error upon bootup (in the section where
   it starts the modules).
2) When I cat an .au file to /dev/audio, I get silence.  I know these .au
   files are good because I can play them in Win95.

HOWEVER, if I watch/listen to an .avi file using xanim, I GET SOUND!!!

Why?  What do I have to do to get my AWE to be detected?

I'm really stuck here.



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