Display problems

Display problems

Post by Chew G » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Recently, I encountered some harmless but irritating display problems in X

Some times, certain lines of text in xterms change to a color not their
expected color.  It may sometimes change to the background color, making the
text invisible, but would revert back to the correct color usually when
scrolled out of view and then back again (in man pages and 'less' displays).

Unexpected color changes can happen almost anywhere - scrollbar background
of emacs changing from green to pink; menu entries in the gnome start menu
changing to another color when highlighted, but becomes normal again when
pointer is shifted away and then brought back; etc... The random changes in
color can appear in any part of the application windows.

When moving a window, the screen refreshes seem to fail at one point in the
move as an image of the wireframe in stuck in the background.

The above-mentioned problems occur regardless of the window managers I use
(fvwm, twm or enlightenment in gnome).  The problem seem to have started
after I installed StarOffice 5.2.  I also noticed, after the initial login
at bootup, instead of the message "<user>, last logged in at <date, time>
from tty1", I've been getting "<user>, last logged in at <date,time> from
:0.0" if the user had last used X.  Otherwise I am utterly clueless about
what went wrong.  There was no problem in the display before I installed
SO5.2.  Could someone shed some light on this behaviour?