utmp/wtmp: Why some, not others?

utmp/wtmp: Why some, not others?

Post by Kendall Hunte » Thu, 25 Jan 2001 14:01:58

I've been using Linux for some time now, but I've never understood why
on some installs, an xterm will produce utmp/wtmp entries, while on
others, none. This applies specifically to two RedHat 6.1 installs, but
I've seen it happen with RH5.x & RH4.x too; I can't remember if
Slackware did it... too long ago. It seems to be independent of whether
or not the -ls option is passed to xterm.

What am I missing?


1. location of utmp wtmp in utmp.h

When building sysVinit using libc4.4 I found that 'last' was looking
for /etc/utmp and /usr/adm/wtmp.  I found that it was getting these
locations from /usr/include/utmp.h.  Why this strange inconsitency?

Is this a mistake?  Should utmp.h be changed to put both in /etc?

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