Trying to reply via email in tin ... ?

Trying to reply via email in tin ... ?

Post by l.. » Thu, 22 Mar 2001 13:51:21

I'm using tin 1.4.4 and so far, everything is fine, except that
when I try to reply to an article via email, I see the following
error, no matter what I change (or not) in the configuration:

        No recipient addresses found in header

and I'm returned to tin instead of spawning vim for the reply.

How can this be fixed?

I've asked this on the tin maillist, but it's a VERY low traffic list
and I've not received a reply specific to this issue. At one point in
the past, email worked, but now it doesn't. I honestly don't know what I
could have changed, but I've been over EVERYTHING in the setup menu to
no avail.

Any ideas from you tin users?


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I'm not sure it ever worked.



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