stack limit for users

stack limit for users

Post by Steven Castill » Thu, 18 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I am unable to run a c or fortran program in which the total size of
the declared variables cannot exceed 8192 kbytes.  ulimit -s indicates
that the stack limit is set to 8192 kbytes.  As root, I can change this
to a larger size using ulimit.  However, I cannot increase it as a user
other than root.  I tried to increase the default stack size for users
using the PAM resource limits module.  This also did not work for users
other than root.  How can this limit be changed by root and work for users or
how can users than their own stack limit?


Steve Castillo

Electromagnetics Laboratory
New Mexico State University


1. Limiting stack size in a user shell

IIRC, putting the appropriate ulimit command in the system login scripts
(/etc/{profile|csh.login}) should enable stack limits, and not allow users
to increase their limits.

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