ftp and bad directory components

ftp and bad directory components

Post by Rainer Dors » Sat, 06 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I use the ftp-version from sunsite that uses the readline


Sometimes (sorry that I am not able to characterise the situation more
exactly, but I hope that somebody knows the problem) I get the

        Bad directory components

I do not think that is a fs-problem, because I can easy get the
files from outside (using get then).

Thanks for your help in advance.

Please e-mail, since I do not read this group regularly.


Rainer Dorsch

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When I try to ftp somewhere, I find that trying to execute an 'mput *'
gets me a 'Bad directory components' message from my ftp client.  I
have tried downloading and using the ftp-rl.taz from sunsite (from the
system/Network/file-transfer directory) and I *still* have the same
problem.. Does anyone else have the same problem?

Also, executing an 'ls -C' on either my current, or the ftp-rl.taz,
ftp client, just gets me the normal (i.e., ls -l, or vertical)
listing, when ftp'ing to most machines.  The only exception seems to
be sunsite itself.. If I ftp to sunsite then I get the correct output
with ls -C.  Anyone have this problem?



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