Elsa 2000PRO/X runs fine with XF86

Elsa 2000PRO/X runs fine with XF86

Post by Joan Bresna » Thu, 19 Sep 1996 04:00:00

> :       Now I am not sure what to buy... there's this card call Matrox
> : Millenium (infamous and famous at the same time). And then there is a
> : card called ELSA 2000, which is reported to be exelent in all OS
> : support. (I am interested in Linux and Warp Merlin support).

> I have the 4 MB ELSA WINNER 2000PRO/X, and it has fantastic OS/2 support.
> However, I still can't manage to get it working with XFree under Linux.
> ELSA makes *great* cards, and I would buy one again in a heartbeat, but
> if X under Linux is important to you, you may want to stick with Matrox.
> BTW, if anyone reading this has gotten this ELSA card to work under
> XFree, I would be very grateful to find out how you did it.

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I have the Elsa Winner 2000Pro/X running very well under both Linux
(RedHat 3.0.3) and Warp Connect.  For X, I just used the XF86config
program, which listed the 2000Pro/X in the card database.  The only
thing I added was the -bpp 16 in startx, to get 65k colors at my
resolution of 1024 X 768. No problems of any kind at all...  I believe
that 2MG, 4MB, and 8MB are all options (I have 2MB VRAM).

1. XF86Config problems (MAG 17H & Elsa Winner 2000PRO/X 2MB)

Hi *,

sorry bothering you with such a question, but I tried nearly everything
I can imagine to get X work on my machine.
I have a 486 board, Linux (REDHAT 3.0 distribution), a ELSA WINNER
with 2MB and a MAG 17H Monitor.

I've tried out all the settings described in



for my card and monitor, but none of those worked.
My monitor just decided to do nothing at all or simply
flickerd. I even tried utilities like vgaset and freq,
but ... (sniff). (Ok OK I have to admit, that while using
freq in my XF86config I managed it to get a 640X480 resolution
work with 56Hz (sniff sniff))

any suggestions??

thank's in advance


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