arp command does not work!

arp command does not work!

Post by Gustavo Mende » Fri, 19 Jan 1996 04:00:00

When I try to map an hardware address to an IP address with the
arp command:

arp -s 00:00:C0:01:68:75 pub

it dosen't work, then I do it the same in a SunOS machine
and works.

can anybody tell me.
Is there a bug in the arp command in Linux?
Is there a new release of the arp command for Linux?

Thanks a lot


1. Translating ARP commands from linux syntax to dos command prompt

Hi all!

Can someone please help me translating following ARP commands to dos,
so I can run then from command prompt in win98.



route add -net $FGATEWAY netmask dev $DEVICE
route add default gw $FGATEWAY dev $DEVICE

route del default gw $FGATEWAY dev $DEVICE
route del -net $FGATEWAY netmask dev $DEVICE

Thanks a lot and greetings......Sam

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